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Case #101

Below you will find an initial introduction to this case and learn about the injuries that occured in this incendent. By completing this survey you are entered in a $500 Giveaway that will be completed once enough entries have been received.

Additionally by completing this case you will be assisting us in determining key information and compensation recommendations for a real life court case. We thank you for this assistance in this case and will provide you with all the info we can to assist in your decisions.


Rear-Ended By A Semi Truck

The victim of this case was driving on the highway when traffic began to slow extensively from traffic congestion. As she slowed down and began to brake before meeting the cars ahead she was rear-ended by a semi truck at speeds near 70 mph. As a result of the crash, she suffered facial lacerations resulting in permanent scarring along with a concussion & vision impairment.  She treated for 95 days after the crash and had 25 medical appointments.

About The Victim

The Plaintiff in this case is an unmarried young female college student and collegiate athlete. This incident may have a significant impact on her future and career opportunities.

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